Get Started with VPS & Dedicated Servers

Our servers at We Host 4 provide the power and flexibility to host your websites and applications. Follow our series to discover crucial features and get started.

1: Set up your Gen 4 server

Follow the steps in your We Host 4 U account to set up your server.

2: Build or move your website

Set up your site files, code, and databases on your server.

3: Update DNS to go live

Direct visitors to your new server by adjusting DNS settings once they are ready to go live. Server IP address. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for any DNS changes to be visible globally.

  1. Install an SSL certificate.

Encrypt your domain with WHM’s AutoSSL or Plesk’s Let’s Encrypt extension:

  • WHM AutoSSL: The DNS update will trigger the process to occur automatically daily.

5: What’s next?

To fully optimise your VPS or Dedicated server, use these additional features.

  • Set up email: By creating email accounts in cPanel or Plesk.
  • Domain Monitoring: Get notified when your websites or SSLs change status by monitoring your domain.
  • Backups: Easily access both your automated and manual backups.